Our story

Merakzy is the first web-based software for complete management and automation of work processes in travel agencies, their mutual cooperation with subagents as well as online booking of package arrangements for the first time in the Balkans. It was built with a lot of love, passion, perseverance and dedication by a small visionary team from Skopje, which from the first working day, is dedicated to achieving the set company goals.

Some of you agencies remember the "MBooking" software, which at the end of the summer season in 2015, enabled you to efficiently and easily manage work processes and online booking of end-user arrangements. The platform is related to the web service AjdeNaOdmor.mk which was built in 2012, which at that time was a popular and proven aggregator and online booking application of the arrangements of the Macedonian travel agencies.

From 2018, we returned to the market under our new name Merakzy with revitalized energy and improved vision, in order to make a significant contribution to the modernization of tourism in Macedonia and its operation to bring it closer to world platforms such as Booking.com and AirBnB .com. We patiently analyze the market for years in order to find out what problems it is facing, we are in constant contact with agencies in order to research what they need to work more efficiently and to build a platform according to global quality standards and technical expertise. Merakzy is a comprehensive, productive and upgradeable web-based software solution that, thanks to its modular architecture, can be tailored to the needs of all tour operators, subagents and service end users.

Our mission is to optimize and automate all activities that are an integral part of the work of travel agencies and tour operators. Our ultimate goal is to provide more free time to agencies, which they can now focus on branding, marketing activities and improving the relationship with their clients. At the same time, we aim to meet the needs of modern travelers of the 21st century, who are looking for a better opportunity for fast and efficient individual browsing, selection and purchase of arrangements online, 24/7 from their computer, tablet or mobile device.

This means that potential travelers have the opportunity, in a transparent and democratic way, to quickly view hundreds of available arrangements in just a few minutes, view numerous high quality photos of accommodation and destinations and read accurate information about them, compare prices and make a final purchase decision, which they can easily make from the comfort of their own home while with friends in a café or anywhere. For all this to become a reality, it was necessary to start with the organizers of the providers of travel services - agencies and to help them to have a digitalized, modernized and efficient operation, which in turn we hope will contribute to more satisfied employees, faster achievement of company goals to owners and an increasing number of sales in travel agencies across the country.

You may be wondering why we named this platform Merakzy? When we started looking for a new name and started our brainstorming journey, we were guided by our motivation, set goals and intuition. We asked ourselves, "Why are we doing this?", "For what purpose are we creating it?", "Why would people use our solution?" By answering these few simple questions, we have come to our brand name Merakzy which is a coinage of the Greek word "Meraki", which symbolizes the complete immersion of the soul, creativity and heart in everything we do in life, in our case - embedding in the passion for travel! Because we ourselves are big fans of traveling to all the discovered and undiscovered charming places spread all over the world, this name unanimously wins the "victory" among our other ideas and proposals.

If you want to be part of those who digitize and improve the tourism industry, move forward at a fast pace, effectively solve all daily tasks and problems with the help of merakzy, then get in touch with our persistent, solid, positive and fast growing team and let us together achieve higher goals.

The Merakzy team